Thursday, April 22, 2010

Doctor Who - The Eleventh Hour

This was a great beginning for The Moff's reign as new showrunner for Series Fnarg. Fast-paced but not so much so that there weren't nice character moments or that they forgot to resolve anything that wasn't intended to be part of the series story-arc. The dialog and characterization were great as always from The Moff.

Matt Smith is going to be a great Doctor. He captured the essence of the character immediately. I love all of the Doctors honestly but it nice to know we're 11 for 11.

Karen Gillan is going to be great. Its always nice to have an attractive companion but its even better to have one who is fun, spunky and an interesting character. I think she's going to be the big mystery as the series continues and we find out more about her character and the mysterious crack. Since I like her she's probably going to go all Dark Phoenix/Lyta Alexander at the end. Its what spunky redheads do.

Loved the TARDIS interior. A bit RTD era mixed with the grandeur and retro Earth tech of the McGann TARDIS. I love that it looks even bigger inside than the last one.

The crack and Prisoner Zero were really creepy which a signature of the Moff, knowing what creeps people out.

Loved the Atraxi ships. I thought they were a brilliant alien design.

I honestly can't think of a bad thing to say about it. I don't think I liked it quite as much as the other 4 Moff stories but they were some of the best Doctor Who stories of all time and its darn difficult to keep topping yourself.

Speaking of which, time for one of my favorite things, a list;

Debut stories of each Doctor in order of how much I enjoyed them:

1. Doctor Who (TV Movie) by Matthew Jacobs
2. Spearhead From Space by Robert Holmes
3. The Power of the Daleks by David Whitaker
4. The Eleventh Hour by Steven Moffat
5. Castrovalva by Christopher H. Bidmead
6. The Christmas Invasion by Russell T. Davies
7. Rose by Russell T. Davies
8. Time and the Rani by Pip Baker and Jane Baker
9. Robot by Terrance Dicks
10. An Unearthly Child by Anthony Coburn
11. The Twin Dilemma by Anthony Steven


Fer said...

What?!? "An Uneartly Child" comes in at #10 out of 11?!? Three solid episodes of cavemen going "Give me fire!!!" ...What's not to love?!?

I agree with yo whole heartedly on everything else, but then again, I usually do. ;)

greatplaidmoose said...

That's true. It makes one wonder why Anthony Coburn never wrote anything else for Doctor Who.