Friday, November 14, 2008

Who Watches the Trek Trailers?

There are three new previews/trailers up today.

The first two minutes of the Doctor Who Christmas Special 'The Next Doctor" which was broadcast on Children In Need.

I'm so freaking excited! Woooo-whoooooooo! I'm hoping David Morrissey is indeed the Eleventh Doctor but even if he isn't I hope they don't tell us before the special airs.

The new Star Trek trailer on the site I09.

Ok. I'm not sure if Kirk is a collector of ancient cars and motorcycles but this is a little too retro for the 23rd century otherwise and a bit cheesey. It does look action-packed anyway. I really hope this film is good but this trailer honestly didn't grab me.

And the new Watchmen trailer which gave me a comicgasm.


Fer said...

Doctor Who - awesome!! I notice that David Morrisey's Doctor doesn't recognize David Tennant's Doctor, but there could be many explanations for that.

Ultimate Star Trek trailer - Yeah, the cars and motorcycles thing is definitely an attempt to make it grab modern-day movie goers. The only possible reconciliation I can give is this line: "I am aware of your fondness for antiques." (Spock, Wrath of Khan, when he presents Kirk with "Tale of Two Cities" for his birthday.) And I would be bothered with the fact that adult Kirk was able to watch them build the Enterprise if this wasn't Ultimate Trek. And all the space battles. But since it is, I think it looked very exciting! I can't wait to see Ultimate Trek!

(...but I'm glad I have until summer to get acclimated.)

Watchmen - Wow. So that's what all the fuss has been about these last 20-some years. I should really read that.

Fer said...

Oh, and I found the full trailer here:

The io9 one cuts off about 30 seconds before it's over.

Plus, I found out that the trailer will be officially released in high quality at at 12 noon on Monday.